• Automatic Museum Guide

    Branded app for your museum

    The Automatic Museum Guide is a smartphone app designed by Locatify. The app detects signals from Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters placed in the venue, calculates the guest’s location and plays the corresponding multimedia.

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  • Automatic Tourist Guide

    Branded app for your municipality or organization

    The Automatic Tourist Guide is a smartphone app from Locatify specially designed for your organization. The app detects user's location through GPS network and plays the corresponding multimedia like sight descriptions to the user.

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  • SmartGuide

    Take a hike with SmartGuide!

    An automated audio-guide app with custom maps, Google Maps and stunning images at each destination. The SmartGuide can be enjoyed on location using GPS activation or from the comfort of your couch.

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  • Creator CMS

    Make your own games and tours!

    Create your own guided audio/video tour or treasure hunt game with our web based creator tool. The system’s design tools are suitable for amateur and professional designers alike to create, edit and publish own guided tours or treasure hunts. Sign up and try it out.

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  • Other Branded Apps

    Need an app?

    We can build an app for you using the same platform SmartGuide and TurfHunt are built on. It is easy to publish the app under a specific brand, with brand graphics. We also make tailored apps.

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  • TurfHunt

    Competitive treasure hunt games!

    The TurfHunt app is an awesome treasure hunt for groups to play on location. The player collects treasures by finding specific places and solves challenges on location for extra scores and virtual prices.

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Last announcements

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Automatic Audio Guide was selected as the best mobile application in m-Tourism&Culture from Iceland. Keep your fingers crossed. We just submitted! World Summit Award - Mobile Content  Read more


Locatify received a marketing grant from Rannís to market Automatic Audio Guide to museums. We are grateful and have started the marketing plans where we focus on this new technology for museums.  Read more


In-& outdoor Automatic Guides

Locatify presents in-& outdoor Automatic Audio Guide and Creator CMS, where content for branded travel apps is created and published.

Automatic Audio Guide

Locatify Automatic Audio Guide - No more signs needed - Accurate indoor location with an app & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons.


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